Connect 100 - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of SIM Card does it take?

        Standard SIM Card

2. Will it work on any operator?

         Connect 100 is a SIM Free desk phone designed to work with any operator unless locked by your network provider.

3. Does it support Bluetooth?

        Yes, Connect 100 features Bluetooth version 4.0.

4. How far will the WIFI hotspot reach?

        You can use WIFI hospot within 10 meters distance without any barrier.

5. How many devices can I connect to the WIFI Hot spot?

        You can only connect to one device through WIFI Hotspot at one time.

6. Can I update the Android version?

        No, you can not update the android version on this device.

7. Can I use Skype and other video calling apps?

        No, Connect 100 doesn't support Skype or any other video calling apps.

8. Can I download all my google contacts to the device?

        Yes, Connect 100 is powered by Android that enables you to sync all your contacts, if signed with the same google account.

9. How do I physically lock the device to its location?

        Connect 100 can not be locked to its location.

10. How do I use the PBX features like call transfer, hold, conference call?

         Virtual PBX is dependant on the service provided by your Mobile Network Operator. Please contact them to set up the feature.

11. Can I use a headphone with Connect 100?

        Yes, you can use any headphone / earphones with 3.5mm jack connector. Alternatively, you can also use a compatible bluetooth                         headphones / earphones.