1000v - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of SIM Card does it take?

        Standard SIM Card

2. Will it work on any operator?

         1000v is a SIM Free desk phone designed to work with any operator unless locked by your network provider.

3. Does it support Bluetooth?

        No, 1000v doesn't feature Bluetooth connectivity.

4. How do I physically lock the device to its location?

        Beside the USB & charging ports, you'll see a security slot / hole which can be used to physically lock the device to its location.

5. How do I use the PBX features like call transfer, hold, conference call?

         Virtual PBX is dependant on the service provided by your Mobile Network Operator. Please contact them to set up the feature.

6. Can I use a headphone with 1000v?

        Yes, you can use a headphone / earphone with 3.5mm jack connector.

7. How do I adjust the volume?

        During an active call, you can adjust the volume by pressing [ ^ ] or [ v ] button.

8. How do I turn off the device?

        To turn off the device, press and hold [Power on/off ] button for 2 seconds.